Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

25% of course payments collected in the month of March will be donated to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created a massive humanitarian crisis and left much of the world feeling helpless. Many Ukrainian climbers have been forced to put down their climbing gear and pick up a gun in order to defend their lives and freedom, a situation that is hard to even imagine. The bravery of ordinary Ukrainians over the last number of days has been incredible to see and hopefully will inspire the world to do more to help. In Russia itself over 1000 Russian climbers have bravely chosen to publicly oppose the invasion of Ukraine by signing an open letter against the war.

As a small contribution to a huge problem, 25% of payments collected during the month of March for any of our 2022 climbing courses will be contributed to the Red Cross “Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal”. This includes all amounts paid toward new or existing course registrations. Any guests already registered for summer courses are welcome to contact me to make an early payment this month. This applies to all our scheduled rock climbing courses, glacier travel courses, alpine skills courses, and next winter’s early season ice climbing & mixed courses. All course dates have been posted on our website up until the end of 2022.

The donation will be made by early April at the latest. In the event that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has ended by then there will no doubt still be a great need for humanitarian aid and the money will all go to the Red Cross regardless.

If you can’t make it for a climbing course this year please consider making a donation to the Red Cross at

Thank you,

Jay Mills
CRAG Owner & Head Guide