Curtain Call

This famous ice climb along the Icefields Parkway is one of the most sought after grade 6 ice routes in the Rockies. After a short “warmup pitch” of WI5 a long and exciting pitch of vertical snow/ice mushrooms brings us to the final pillar. This final pillar will challenge even the most fit ice climbers with it’s dead vertical nature and few places to rest. Sometimes there is even a small ice roof to surmount at the top. This climb does not form every year but when it does it is not to be missed!

Curtain Call steep ice pillars

Location: Jasper National Park near the Columbia Icefields.  45 minutes from Jasper or 3 hours from Canmore.

Difficulty: WI6

Length: 125m

Logistics: Either make the drive from Canmore/Jasper/Nordegg, or stay at one of the HI Hostels closer by.  One guest per guide is recommended, although two guests may join for ascents of Curtain Call if both have some experience at the grade.

Mushroom ice on Curtain Call
Curtain Call ice climbing route near Jasper

Other Nearby Routes

  • Weeping WallWI4-6, 180-360m
  • Polar Circus – WI5, 700m
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Curtain Call ice climb crux