We specialize in teaching you to climb mountains!

Join us for an unforgettable experience climbing a world famous peak or learning the skills to do so!  The safety, efficiency and learning that comes with hiring a professional guide makes for highly successful trips in the mountains. All guides are highly skilled and are certified through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG).


Canadian Rockies Alpine Guides have many years of experience teaching the skills required to travel safely in the mountains. Mixing a day or two of skills training in with some guided ascents will allow you to increase your abilities at a much faster rate. Anyone who has the goal of becoming a self-sufficient mountaineer should seriously consider kick-starting the process with some professional instruction. If you have no experience, doing some Rock Climbing or Ice Climbing is a good place to start.

Glacier Travel Course – Should be considered mandatory training for anyone who plans on climbing or skiing in glaciated terrain. Choose from a scheduled weekend course or arrange your own. $395. Maximum 6 participants.

Intro Mountaineering Course – A 3 day course learning the basics of mountaineering in all types of terrain!  Usually combined with a Glacier Travel Course for 5 full days in the mountains.  $895. Maximum 4 participants.

Alpine Skills Course – A challenging 5 day mountaineering course designed to help you learn the skills needed to become a self-sufficient mountaineer. Usually combined with a Glacier Travel Course for an awesome 7 days of climbing!  $1495. Maximum 4 participants.

Custom Training – The choice of topics is almost unlimited! Some popular areas of training include:

  • Travel on steep snow & ice
  • Ropework for mountaineering
  • Route finding & navigation
  • Scrambling skills
  • Expedition Skills
  • Winter shelter building
  • Youth & family mountaineering trips
Guided mountaineering on Mt Sir Douglas high above Kananaskis Country
Alpine rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies frontrange


Most guided mountaineering trips are arranged as a personalized itinerary to best suit your skill level and ambitions as well as taking advantage of seasonal conditions. Custom itineraries can include a combination of guided ascents and skills training in mountaineering, rock and/or ice climbing.
No climbing experience of any sort is required to plan a custom mountaineering trip. Anyone with basic hiking fitness can enjoy mountaineering!

Classic Canadian Rockies Ascents

The Canadian Rockies are home to thousands of peaks with many thousands of routes. Please contact us to arrange an itinerary which best suits your skill level and ambitions.
Most peaks in the Canadian Rockies are available for a guided ascent. The following are some suggestions to help you get inspired…

  • Mt. Athabasca – 3491m – beginner to advanced – ice faces and mixed routes.
  • Castle Mountain – 2766m – beginner to advanced – 5.4 to 5.10 alpine rock climbs.
  • Mt. Lorette – 2469m – beginner/intermediate – 5.5 rock ridge.
  • Mt. Andromeda – 3450m – intermediate to advanced – ice faces.
  • Mt. Temple – 3543m – beginner to advanced – scramble, 5.7 ridge.
  • Mt. Buller – 2800m – intermediate – 5.7 to 5.9 rock ridge.
  • Mt. Lady McDonald – 2606m – beginner/intermediate – 5.4 rock ridge.
  • Grotto Mountain – 2706m – intermediate – 5.8 alpine rock.
  • Mt. A2 – 3060m – beginner – glacier travel with rock ridge finish.
  • Loder Peak (Coire Dubh Integral) – 2020m – intermediate to advanced – winter alpine mixed climbs from M3-M6+.
  • Mt. Cline – 3361m – beginner to very advanced – alpine ridges and rock faces.
  • Mt. Neptuak  – 3233m – intermediate – long 5.6 alpine rock ridge.
  • Mt. Louis – 2682m – intermediate to advanced – 5.7 to 5.10 rock climbs.
  • Mt. Deltaform – 3424m – advanced – big alpine rock ridge.
  • Mt. Fay – 3234m – intermediate – rock, glacier, snow, and ridge climbing.
  • Mt. Abraham – 2820m – intermediate – long 5.8 alpine rock climb.
  • Mt. Robson – 3954m – advanced to very advanced – huge alpine ice faces & mixed ridges.

MORE PEAKS… Some other great peaks include Mt. Saint Nick, Mt. Victoria, Mt. Edith Cavell, Mt. Murchison, Mt. Lougheed, Mt. Bell, Pinnacle Mountain, Mt. Perren, Mt. Elliot, Mt. Edith, Mt. Sarbach, Wapta Icefields peaks and many many more!  Custom trips to the Bugaboos, Roger’s Pass, Valhalla’s and other areas also available.

Alpine rock climbing on the David Thompson Highway, Alberta