Murchison Falls

A great route in an alpine setting with incredible views along the Icefields Parkway!  The sustained nature of the route and it’s location above treeline makes for a big day out on the mountains.  Along with the classic Murchison Falls route there are some other excellent climbs surrounding it including Virtual Reality (WI6), But My Daddy’s a Psycho (WI5+) and Lessons of Oka (WI4, M4).

Murchison Falls ice climb

Location: Icefields Parkway near the Saskatchewan River Crossing.  2 hours from Canmore, or 1 hour from Lake Louise or Nordegg.

Difficulty: WI4+ or WI5 depending on line chosen.

Length: 200m

Logistics: Either make the drive from Canmore/Jasper/Nordegg, or stay at one of the HI Hostels closer by. One guest per guide is recommended, although two guests may join if reasonably experienced and comfortable at the grade.

Rappelling down Murchison Falls after an ascent of Virtual Reality
Steep on on the top of Murchison Falls

Other Nearby Routes

Guide leading on Murchison Falls ice climb